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Run Coach and Physiotherapist

Dave’s running journey began in primary school, trudging many muddy miles through the English countryside. It’s been his main method of getting and staying fit for soccer seasons and his front line attack for keeping the beer belly at bay!  

When Dave’s not chasing his own fix, he’s fixing runners in clinic. In his ten years as a physiotherapist, Dave has been helping patients from all walks of life to chew up the tarmac. His one-man mission to rid the world of running injuries has taken him through the UK public health service, private practice and the military, before settling in the land of the green and gold, where he works as a Rehabilitation Physiotherapist.

To run well, you need to be strong and mobile, which modern lifestyles don’t necessarily facilitate. There’s much more to it than putting on a pair of shoes! Whatever your motivations for running, injury can have a significant impact on your overall well-being, and Dave has seen this first-hand with countless patients.

Rather than treating these injuries reactively, Dave believes the true solution lies in prevention. He is fascinated by the biomechanics of running and figuring out the limitation or weakness that leads to a specific technique flaw or injury.  As an accredited Level 2 Recreational Running Coach with Athletics Australia, Dave will ensure RunFix is a one-stop shop for all your running needs.

Now Dave has hung up his soccer boots, running is his main focus. His goal is to smash the Sydney marathon this year, then follow in Liz’s footsteps and qualify for Boston.

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Run Coach and Physiotherapist

Liz started running to keep fit during her days as a netball and touch rugby player. Though she willingly made up the numbers at school athletics and cross country days, it was safe to say she was never going to wind up on the podium.

Once she became a Physio, Liz worked with netball and rugby teams, leaving no time for her own team sports. This gave Liz a new appreciation of running: all she needed was her shoes and she could run wherever she was travelling with the teams.

When Liz moved to London she discovered that running was also a great way to explore. Entering races throughout the UK and Europe was the perfect excuse to visit new towns and cities. Liz ran her first marathon in 2008 and since then has completed events from 10K up to Ultramarathon. Ten years later in 2018, she achieved her long-term goal of qualifying for and completing the Boston Marathon. 

Working in private Physio practices in New Zealand, London and Melbourne, Liz has treated hundreds of running injuries, the vast majority of which could have been prevented by runners having improved knowledge of training principles, recovery and listening to their bodies. Liz realised that by working with runners before they got injured, she could reduce the chances of them ending up in the Physio clinic.

Over the last 15 years of her career, Liz has attended international conferences, courses and workshops on running and running injuries, learning from some of the leading researchers, trainers and coaches in the field. 

Liz’s Level 2 Recreational Running Coach Accreditation with Athletics Victoria allows her to share her experience and knowledge with runners of all abilities. 

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Run Coach and Podiatrist

Ben is our RunFix team podiatrist.

Ben has been working in running since his university days. With extensive experience in the speciality running footwear industry and now treating athletes in private practice at PridePlus Health, Ben is an expert in all manner of running-related foot concerns.

Talk to Ben about the right running shoes (or maybe don’t get him started!), those hard skin build-ups we all get, corns on your little toes or lost toenails after a marathon block – he’s seen it all. 

Ben geeks out on running biomechanics. Through understanding the way the body moves he creates tailored plans to address injury or improve running efficiency. 

Ben strives to help educate runners about the best ways to care for their feet through their training.

His own running program is currently focused on consistency: getting excited about shorter, more regular sessions as he aims to build his weekly mileage.

Ben is the coach for you if you’re new to running or looking to increase your mileage in a safe and structured way. Ben loves working toward a goal, so if you have a race, fun run or new PB in mind, he’ll get you there! 

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