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What is over-striding?

Over-striding is when your initial point of contact with the ground is in front of your centre of mass. When this occurs there is an increase in vertical ground reaction force and braking impulse.  

So what in the name of Paula Radcliffe’s bobbing head does THAT mean? Well, thanks to my fellow countryman Sir Isaac Newton’s third law of motion, we know that “every action has an equal but opposite reaction”. You may have unwittingly experienced something like this when telling your partner you were going for “one pint” after work and, having stumbled home eight hours later, found all of your personal belongings on your front lawn in a bin bag. Opposite? Yes. Equal? I’m not so sure… but I digress.  

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How to avoid your next running injury

Whether as an exercise to get fit or to exorcise your demons, running is a very popular and accessible sport. What better way to talk yourself out of sending a dog dirt sandwich first-class delivery to an annoying co-worker, than to sweat out your frustrations with a lap of the tan? When the chaos of modern life has swallowed up your existence, who’s always waiting for you by the front door promising a small slice of ‘me-time’? Good ol’ Mr (or Ms.) Running Shoes.

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