About RunFix



We are a group of health professionals AND Melbourne run coaches with one aim:

To help YOU navigate the world of running.

How? With structured training programs and a supportive environment, we’ll help you reduce your risk of injury, improve performance and get you to both the start and finish lines.

We have expert knowledge of training principles, program design, tissue loading, running technique and footwear.

Whether you’re:

Come and get your RunFix with us!


Whether you’ve just had a taste and want more or you’re a full blown addict who has a specific time or event in mind:

  • We craft tailor-made programs aimed at crushing your goals. 

  • We offer running technique coaching from health professionals, that will have you running efficiently and help reduce your risk of injury.

  • We hold regular FREE run groups, and EVERYONE is welcome, regardless of experience.

With your help, we can create a supportive running community for Melbourne runners or all ages and abilities.

So what are you waiting for? Get your RunFix today.